Ahead of the Curve

It’s coming. Not just long hours at the library, unhealthy amounts of coffee, and adderall drug deals in the stairwells; but the end of the semester! Meaning…the beginning of winter break! Meaning….SPRING SEMESTER. 


Your Facebook news feed littered with links to people’s new study abroad blogs they so brilliantly decided to create (not to lessen anyone’s blog. I love all of them). I’m putting this up now to tell you, I was here all along. 

I felt I needed to preface whatever I will be posting by firstly stating that I’ve been blogging for a few years now without ever seeking attention, approval, or a fan base. However, now that I will be studying abroad in Sydney, Australia (yeah, you heard it right–a 30 hour excuse to sit down. Perfect for a bum like me.), I’ve decided to receive validation on at least one more means of social media aside from an average of seven likes a status on Facebook or two favorites a tweet on Twitter. I’m reaching for the sky, stepping up to the plate, and batting for the big leagues now, guys. 

I’m creating this blog to share more than experiences with you. We’re gonna get real intimate. We’re gonna get to more than a daily record of my time abroad, but rather how these experiences are changing my world views and warping my future. 

Perhaps after this trip, I will want to return back to my high-school plan of joining the Peace Corps for a few years. Perhaps after this trip, I will travel across Europe. Or maybe, I might just go back to New Jersey, content with the friends I made, drinks I drank, and family that I now get to hug. 

I’m writing this first entry a month before I depart so I can say this is more than a “studying abroad” blog but rather words of sustenance. That’s right. I want you to live on my words. For my words to be as vital as food and water. I want you to be craving my next text post. I want my words to spark an MIT student’s mind to build a computer that will technologically engineer a claw to reach from your computer screen and into your heart (Indiana Jones Temple of Doom style) and rip it out (sorry). And most importantly, I want to provide entertainment for those that want it and solace for those that need it. 

I’ll be posting blog posts I’ve written in the past three years that I feel necessary to share. I’ll be posting quotes that move me. You’ll get to read it all. You’ll get to see me change. 

Wow. You should feel so lucky. I’m allowing you a great opportunity right now. 

As my laptop knows, I write the most [nonsensical] things late into the night; so, for now, I shall leave you. Can’t wait to keep sharing with anyone that reads. If you like what you read, share. If you don’t, share. 

You’re already a winner for getting this far. Thanks. 


Mariana Angulo-Pizarro


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