Old Lame Song (Auld Lang Syne)


The New Year always brings out the best in us; at least for a couple of hours until the confetti drops, the kisses end, and the realization that you’ve spent hours shivering in the cold and the possibility that you’ll be battling pneumonia for the next few weeks becomes a reality. We always start the year with making these grand decisions that January 1st is the day where everything from the past year is out the window. No more are those hidden chocolate wrappers in your desk drawer, no more are you cheating your belt loop notch–you’ve made the resolution to lose weight and YOU. SHALL. PREVAIL!

K, well, it’s January 15th and you’re back to buying heart attacks in a bag. The idea of January 1st is nice, but hearing people profess their resolutions during this first week of January is about as frustrating as remembering to change the year as you write the date for the first six months (I finally realize by June that I’m living in a new year). I am in no way knocking down the people that have goals set out for themselves (you go Glen Coco), but I am merely saying that this day shouldn’t be the only time people feel like you can make a change. If I want to make a change October 16th, then I’ll do it. My “new year” starts at that exact moment I tell myself it does. “If you will it, it is no dream.” Take action on your hopes so you can throw away your measly, poorly developed dream and actually make it a reality. Real life is always better.

With that being said, here are my resolutions:

1. Lose weight (I am who I hate)

2. Do not eat food with preservatives (but Tostitos are almost as addicting as a heroin/cocaine/meth cocktail)

3. Combat laziness and express obsessiveness in things other than attractive celebrity men

4. Travel

  • This needs to be explained. To merely travel isn’t a resolution but what comes through traveling can be. To open myself to new experiences, meet new people, worry less, take in other cultures and introduce various opinions, analyses, and reflections to myself and my typical surroundings.

5. Do not be so judgmental, skeptical, and insensitive to people and their stupid emotions.

6. Start ASAP..

Don’t stop yourself from changing just because of a date. You don’t need to spend $400 to get into a club in New York City on New Years Eve to decide that you want to lose weight next year. If you want a digital cleanse halfway through the year, then do it (you’ll be missing my wonderful blog posts but I suppose I can excuse you for some time). Let us take advantage of our long lives. Let us stop being blind to all of the wonderful things that already surround us, and take the time we’ve been given to make ourselves and others happy. There’s a lot of love to be given and received in this world and you don’t need January 1st to make you decide you want more out of life.



(P.S. I leave for Sydney, Australia in 10 days..!!)


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