All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye

So here i am. And here we are. And there they go. And round we go. And hold on let me get to the point of this post.

This is the day. I’m leaving to live in a foreign country for a few months. That’s what I’ll have to tell the TSA agents anyway that will undoubtedly question why I have knives and spatulas in my suitcase. I always find it interesting that no matter how much you can prepare for an emotion and event, whenever you feel it, it is tenfold. I’ve been in this ethereal place ever since I’ve been accepted into this program because of my excitement for finally visiting a country I have always wanted to visit. But with arriving to a new place that has the potential to galvanize you to do great things, you also leave the people that made that fire ignite in you to begin with.

When my best friend Chelsee left to go back to California a few days ago, I started thinking about goodbyes and how they’re more awful than those puddles that take up half the street and make it impossible for you to take another route because somebody is on the other side so you must dirty your shoes and risk walking around with wet socks all day. It’s like that. Y’know? Their leaving is the puddle on the street. You see it coming. You analyze a different route you can take but wait, there comes someone else and you can’t! The only thing you can do is face the puddle and walk through it. (Let’s also just say you also have the patience of a bitter Olympian or something)

Leaving, arriving, hellos, and goodbyes are all a painful part of life but something that is necessary to accept. If we don’t learn to let go, not just of people but of problems as well, it will eat us alive and blind you from a new life or from experiencing an event fully. Your being will change and you cease to become the person you worked so hard to become. I’m writing this today to provide some kind of comfort for all people traveling somewhere or leaving love ones behind. I’m writing this to provide comfort for myself and think maybe if I send this out to the masses, I’ll start to take my own advice and won’t be sobbing for the entirety of my 23 hour flight to Australia. I’m writing this to remind myself that at the end of every goodbye is a hello again. Acceptance is difficult. Leaving is hard. Crying is draining. Flying is frightening. But seeing the people you love once again? (SEE WHERE IM GOING WITH THIS????!!!!) PRICELESS (yeah MasterCard!)

Walk through the water. Hold on to peace and expel fear. Because by the end of the day, your socks will be dry.

*Much love to all those leaving and all those seeing others leave. We’re all stronger than we let on and I’m proud of that.



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