I Still Don’t Know Which Way the Toilets Flush

Waking up before the city shudders its first breath is something I could put on my hobbies list. The light grows with each minute, illuminating new land, while the people who make this place what it is begin coming out of their holes for one more day and one more day and two more hours and just one minute more. It’s peaceful and alluring. It’s something to discover and appreciate accidentally. Absorbing a new place must be done in solitude. I allowed myself to get lost in this unknown, undiscovered concrete jungle only to find myself at the end of one week to casually mark its streets relatively confidently.

Sydney is a city of youth and culture. Backpackers and travel agencies galore. You’re walking on the streets and you suddenly feel the urge to travel the world. How could you resist with so many cheap, student options? Within my first week here, I was fortunate enough to sign up to go on a few magnificent trips in the next few months. Here’s the list, just to make you jealous.

  1. Blue Mountains: World’s steepest railway, Echo Point lookout over the Three Sisters (I know that means nothing to you but trust me, it’s pretty), walkabout through the rainforest, and A CHANCE TO PET KOALAS AND FEED KANGAROOS THEIR BREKKIE.
  2. Port Stephens: Nelson Bay, Anna Bay, dolphin watching cruise, wine tasting, beer tasting, dinner at a winery, free time to go sand dune riding and be the human that breaks a camel’s back, free time on the beach. The water is so blue it puts Daniel Craig’s eyes to shame.
  3. Cairns Spring Break: AKA, Da Great Barrier Reef! Full day cruise on the Great Barrier Reef with lunch snorkeling on the reef, full day trip to the rainforest, Jungle Minjin Swing, beautiful local waterfalls, swimming in Lake Eacham, free time to take part in optional activities such as bungy jumping, sky diving, and white water rafting
  4. Sydney Harbour Bridge Night Climb: self-explanatory. Will be pooping my pants and crying at the beauty all at the same time–very exciting.
  5. Melbourne: a built in trip they created for us–opportunity to go to the Great Ocean Road and see the Twelve Apostles (LOOK IT UP. IT’S GORG)
  6. Tasmania: A few friends and I will be spending the second half of spring break here doing really outdoorsy, Australian things.

Despite many things being double the price it is back home, I’m still having a wonderful time here. The water is clearer, the people are nicer, the streets are cleaner–all essential things for determining whether a place is worth visiting or not, obviously. After an all-day scavenger hunt extravaganza and a hike from one beach to another to another to another all more beautiful than the last, I’m happy.

I’m going to be traveling more within the next few months than I have my whole life and I’m excited that I’ll one day be able to brag to my kids and they’ll think I’m like really cool and cultured or something. Little do they know.

I know so many of you have been harassing me to put up pictures and I bet you thought–“*gasp*, Mariana wrote a blog post! She’s surely to post pictures here!” But I’m sorry, I haven’t. BUT FOR GOOD REASON. I’ve been editing them to make them all pretty and then my hard drive stopped working soooooooooooooooo. Pics, it didn’t happen, I guess. (I’ll get it sorted it out right away. Don’t worry, they’re good! It’s worth it to wait) One great thing about this adventure isn’t the fact that I realized I liked vegemite or that I’m tan, it’s that I no longer feel the need to be as connected with technology as I was back in the states. It’s a relief. I do apologize for not being as prompt with this picture posting as my other friends abroad, but I’m much too busy and satisfied to spend my time online. (BURRRN).

I miss you all. Keep traveling, even if its your finger clicking this blog post and scrolling down.




One thought on “I Still Don’t Know Which Way the Toilets Flush

  1. Very interesting! Good luck on the rest of your time! I’m about to head out to Amman, Jordan in the Middle East! I absolutely love traveling. I hope to follow your experience, and invite you to follow mine!

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