Don’t Be a Whinger

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The edge of the world lays before me. The top of the atmosphere; the bed of the water; the end of the cliff. All sights to see, all things to do. My heart works obnoxiously, my brain rationalizes irritably. But you’ve just gotta do it. Do it for the pics. Do it for the vids. Do it for the shot, the thrill, the story.

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It’s a dangerous and ostentatious way to live. But I’m 20 and my brain has five years to fully develop. This past week, I saw nothing but blue ocean. I saw nothing but clouds below me. My feet on the cliff beneath me. And I saw unattractive GoPro videos taken from below my face thus giving me an eighty chin perspective of myself. Overwhelmingly beautiful.

Fear almost kept me from boarding that plane to Melbourne, flying in a helicopter over the Twelve Apostles at the Great Ocean Road, and jumping off a cliff back in Sydney. This eventful week challenged my pride and ability to conquer. It paid off every. single. time. While the city of Melbourne was confident, unique, and oozing culture, the highlight of my time in Victoria was my fourteen hour bus tour of oceans, rocks, and sand. Each more beautiful than the last, I was determined to find my next most-liked Facebook picture. But once I finally arrived to the Twelve Apostles; paid the helicopter tour fee of an expensive J. Crew shirt, crappy 8 mp camera, or food to feed a 2-3 person family for a week; my idea of beauty was reconstructed. As my shivering, thus indicating nervousness, took over my body to board the helicopter, the insanely attractive, brown-haired, brown eyed man guiding me gave me absolutely no time to rationalize my actions and get more scared. In I was buckled, up we were flying, and out came the words of awe as we flew over these amazing and rare rock formations in the ocean.

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It was effortless to be in the helicopter. The hardest thing was juggling my GoPro and DSLR to take a decent video and get great pictures. The water so clear, I could see the bottom if only I cared. The water so blue, it passed for a pool. But really, that was some NICE, CLEAR, BLUE WATER. Not only was it a goal of mine to see these beauts before I left Australia, but I managed to thoroughly enjoy the ride even if my bank account didn’t.

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Then came today. Cliff jumping. In an unmarked territory. With warning signs. And rocks below. Now that I’ve given my parents a heart-attack with that one…

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It was so satisfying. To be able to look down at the water surrounding me for longer than an episode of Will and Grace and then finally leaving the cliff and landing on my butt. AHH, I was proud of myself. My tailbone will recover, my heart will calm down, and my nose will stop stinging from snorting water. That random dad with three sons that were oh-so-eager to see me jump must have been relieved as well. That five-year-old boy can now stop asking me, “are you gonna go??!!!” With the view of the Sydney skyline and of the jagged rocks, I was inspired to take that leap. Disclaimer: GoPros make you invincible.

Getting this camera is going to make me do things I won’t necessarily be thrilled to do. But I’ll do it. For the video. The shot. The memories.


1. Video of helicopter experience to come.

2. I’ve got battle wounds all over my body from cliff jumping. Worth it.

3. Next week: Spring Break. Cairns. Great Barrier Reef. Jungle Minjin Swing. Potential skydiving. Tasmania. Stay tuned, pics and vids to follow.

4. Shh, mom and dad, you didn’t see any of that.


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