The Stars Still Shine Even When They’re Dead

Creators have it the best. Creator of film. Of music. Of art. Of words. We are the ones that understand. The ones that want to be understood. The ones that learn the most. That love the most. We see the world through a different lens, ear, and heart. We want perfection but get failure. We want our world to be shared with the masses. We capture moments and savour it forever. Our pictures liven and revive.We want to express in every way we know how. We’re affected and jaded. We’re fresh and beaming and teeming with talent. We’re annoying and relentless. Stubborn and intelligent. We make our time here most valuable. I love the ones who share this love with me the most. Thank you for getting it the way I do. For being me in a completely different way. For crying at the same moments or laughing at the odd ones. For waiting for one note to strike because you know that’ll be the one to tear out your heart. Waiting for one word in a film to be said because that’s what will break you down. One brush stoke to finish the piece. One approval to lift your heart. One inspiration to make you begin again. Because of what we create, we’ll always be there even when we’re not.

Art is the most important part of my life and I’m glad there are so many of us.




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