An Out-of-Character Talk-avism Rant

I want to talk about us. And by us, I mean We. We The People who so conveniently forget that that is who we said we would be. That that is what we pride ourselves on. That that “one nation under god” is only one land separated by everything and every man. By religion and ethnicity. By income and sexuality. By my peers and my teachers. By my authority whose desire to rule takes precedence over my right to live.

I get scared by the future and take note of the past. I was never treated as my ethnicity because I never looked it. Okay, I look white but I am not. I had people cheering me on and teachers telling me “yes.” I look down at our children now and see teachers who have given up. These kids who need guidance are led by people who say “no.” Who don’t believe. Who don’t care. These kids who need safety are guarded by people who draw guns before they speak. They hit before they think and care only when they’re in the heat.

I don’t want to live in a world with no love. A world with no tolerance or a world with no care. I want people to stop saying I’m not Hispanic, that black lives don’t matter, that gays cannot marry, that the poor did it to themselves, that mental illnesses are something to laugh at, and that the women of this country are equal. We are not. We are in 2014 but we are not.

I want to talk about us and by us I mean we. We are the future. So let’s start acting like it.

black and white


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