Screenshot 2016-08-04 11.26.41.png

Come join in my fight and my plight to stay relevant
I’m rotting away but i’m freaking effervescent
How can an apple be fizzy and bubbly and alive?
The same that a child imagines bunnies in the skies.

The same that a fairy sprinkles dust on Peter’s shoulders
He wiggles them to fly,
He stops from getting older.

If only a fairy could descend on my world
And give me some color
And give me some pearls
Of wisdom to become more than a fruit,
More than an apple who’s merely a mute

A mute with no voice or feelings or emotions
I may be an apple but I want to fly oceans.
I want to have wings like a magical fairy;
I want to leave my basket of bananas and blueberries.

The only ones who really see me are the ones who aren’t heard;
The ones that have sketchers and think kisses are absurd,
That girls have cooties and boys are heathens,
That men are from Mars and women are from Venus

It’s the kids that will see me as more than an apple
Their imagination runs wild like the roots i once grappled
So open your eyes and don’t label me as such
The most dangerous word will always be just

Just an apple
Just a rotting piece of flesh
Just a redless, tasteless piece of oldness, really, at best

But sprinkle me with fairy dust
And open your eyes.
Second star to the right and just
Fly, Fly, Fly.


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