Us Generation Y’s are forever stuck in the middle; the middle of the transition phase of technology, of humans, and most importantly, of New York City. We were around to see the pay phones and count our quarters. We were around to see people impatiently waiting for a phone to open up or a conversation to stop, the other end to ring again, and the New York skyline with its twins.

But we have cell phones now. And I’ve seen every transition of this phone. I’ve seen all of us envying those with the razor until they envied us with an EnV. I travel roads today with google-map-ease that I would’ve made u-turns on because a voice wasn’t there to reroute me.

I have my cell phone to keep me company when my actual company leaves me or bores me. I have this new New York City now and it comes without payphones. It comes with wifi towers to give my device more power. It comes with me having more quarters to order more Starbucks. No wait, there’s an app for that.

Old New York has faded. Us Generation Y-do-think-you’re-so-entitled’s have observed all this change. We made the change. So now I have all this change and no payphone to dump it in.

(anyway, watch this really cool short on an ode to NYC payphones…)



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