The Preface: My Intent

I was perusing an Urban Outfitters and came across one of the many pocket-sized, overpriced, quirky books they sell and it was simply called, The Book of Questions. There are close to 300 pages of “what-would-you-do” type questions that call for both simple and expansive answers—knowing me, I won’t do simple. I enjoy intelligent babbling and prattling and believe most things in the universe are connected. So while I plan on talking about technology in this first question, I will probably also relate it to brownies.

I bought the book as a challenge to myself to get writing again; something I stopped once I no longer had writing assignments for college and the fire called formal education that had been lighting my ass all my years got extinguished by how quickly I ran away from all-things college once I’d graduated.

I’m writing because I feel I’ve lost a bit of myself since graduating college. I think we’ve all been there where we’re now washing dishes at our parents’ houses again or not going out to dinner because we need be mindful of paying rent or even not talking as much to those friends from college simply because jobs placed us in la la land or boss-town or the city that never sleeps. I’m also writing to find my voice again; to gain back the light that dimmed—my comedic touch on most issues. Life has made me a little too serious as of late and I just want to laugh until I cry again.

Whilst in school, I hated the formal structure and could never succumb to the mindless prioritization that grades held over us as students. It bred competition and depending on the person, directed our focus away from retaining information and cramming took priority.

Despite hating, at the time, the formal structure of school and could not understand how grades were indicative of any of my knowledge, I have grown to admire that it still motivated me to do work. While I proclaimed to hate grades, I still tried to get good ones. So when an essay was assigned, I would wait until 4 AM the night before, pump it out, and hope for the best. The real challenge I’ve created for myself here is not just answering these questions thoughtfully but to rather create some more structure in my life and become comfortable with consistency. As someone who craves constant change, I’m hoping that through this challenge I’ll be able to enlighten others, make them laugh, have them challenge me, have them feel welcome to begin a dialogue with me about anything and most importantly, allow myself to complete something for once—since I have trouble even trying to finish cleaning my room.

I’m not doing this for views or “likes,” as this is something I’ve grown to detest in our society; simply another few words to read on the internet if you’re bored and avoiding work, like I’m doing at this moment. I also am an over-thinker that will be flexible about many answers because I can see the tail, heads, and ridge of every coin. I take a stance but I THINK I’ll probably never give myself fully to any one idea because to do so would be blind and I think everyone has an opinion that deserves to be heard. But no, flan is still horrible. Thanks for joining, stay tuned for more on the Mariana-issance–and trust me, I hate myself far more for wordplay than you could ever.


Mango Pie


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